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    If you are a skilled worker or technician, you might not know where to look for the right opportunity. The only way to get noticed is by word of mouth or by contacts. A lot of times there is also a lot of unfair treatment and bias while looking for work. This is exactly what Foras is here to eliminate and facilitate fair job opportunities for all skilled labour. You can directly go on the portal t register yourself and look for the kind of roles that match your skills. There is no middle man and no scope for any mistreatment or exploitation. We take these issues very seriously at Foras, which is why we have come up with this platform that is equal for all.


    Be it construction site work, any sort of treatment plant, factory assembly line roles, you can look for jobs that suit you the best and easily apply directly to the employer. Professionalism is something we value a lot and it lies at the core of our strategy at Foras. We encourage you to get on the portal no matter what your background is. All we care about is applying your skill set in the most ideal manner to the job that can use it the most. This we we try to create a win-win situation for both the labourer and employer party. We value your skill and effort and we aim to put it to good use which is why you should join Foras and give way to your new job.